Amideva Buddha Park

Amideva Buddha Park is a lovely place where people can go to relax. It is a park dedicated to Buddha known for compassion and wisdom. Amideva Buddha Park is popular for its three giant golden statues of Buddha and a small but beautiful garden. It is located at the backside of Swayambhunath stupa, in front … Read more

Anapana meditation

About Swayambhunath stupa

Anapana meditation is an ancient meditation technique used by Gautama Buddha. It has been in use from 2500 years ago, also known as Anapana Sati. Anapana meditation is a simple way of focusing your mind on your breath. Instead of trying to control or change your breath, you just pay attention to it as you … Read more

Are Nepalese Buddhist ?


Geographically Nepal is mixed of Himalayas, hills and terai region and is a secular nation. It is a multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic nation but most practiced religions are Hinduism along with Buddhism. Hinduism accounts for 81.3% and percentage of Buddhist in Nepal is 9.04% of the population of the nation according to a survey … Read more

Do Buddhist eat meat, pork, drink alcohol in Nepal ?

Do Buddhist eat meat, pork, drink alcohol in Nepal

We can divide followers or Buddhism into two category. One is monks who spend their life living the path shown by the Buddha and another is normal people with their family. Monks follows strict rules where as odinary people are not much bounded by the rules. This doesn’t mean ordinary Buddhist people don’t follow Buddhist … Read more

How to pronounce Swayambhunath

How to pronounce Swayambhunath

We can pronounce Swayambhunath as Swa-yam-bhu-na-th. People also say it as Swoyambhu which can be pronounced as swo-yam-bhu. You may also find old illiterate people mispronouncing it as Shyangu, Shimbhu etc. For audio you can type text in Google translate. In Devanagari script it is pronounced and written as “स्वयम्भु“.

Panchshil prarthana | पञ्चसील प्रार्थना

Panchshil prarthana

ओकास द्वार तयेन कत्तं सब्बं अपराधंखमथ मे भन्ते ! ओकास द्वार तयेन कत्तं सब्बं अपराधंखमथ मे भन्ते ! ओकास द्वार तयेन कत्तं सब्बं अपराधंखमथ मे भन्ते ! अहँ भन्ते, तिसरणेन सह पञ्चसीलं धम्मं याचामिअनुग्गहँ कत्वा सिलं देथ मे भन्ते । दुतियम्पि अहँ भन्ते, तिसरणेन सह पञ्चसीलं धम्मंयाचामि अनुग्गहं क्त्वा सिलं देथ मे भन्ते ।ततियम्पि अहं … Read more