This shrine was consecrated by Shantikar acharya for protecting the place from the disasters related to the fire element. Agnipur at Swayambhunath is a dome structure painted with red face of the fire elements god known as Agni Bhairava. It’s marked by two small lions in front of it and located in the northwest corner of the site. Agni(fire) is the relayer of burnt offerings to Gods in the heaven.


Vasundhara Mandir (temple) / Basudhara
Basupur is located on the south eastern corner of the site. Goddess Vasundhara is the Buddhist Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. Vasundhara dwells on a vase in the playful posture known as lalitasana. The symbol of the earth is the goddess. This is ‘Vasupur’. Vasupura refers to the earth element.

Shantipur / Sambarpur – a man living here from 5th century

Northwest of the main stupa is another important shrine known as Sambarpur or Shantipur. It is also called Akashpur (Sky Place) which represents the fifth element and has a fascinating legend. Shantipur

Shantipur at Swayambhu
Shantipur at Swayambhu


It is a pit infront of the Amoghasiddhi Buddha and in the northern side of Swayambhunath stupa which is rectangular in shape with a snake idol at the bottom of it. It was build to appease the snake spirits in the Kathmandu valley. Nagpur

Nagpur at Swayambhu
Nagpur at Swayambhu


It is located to the southwest corner of Swayambhunath stupa and related to air element. Vayu means air in local language. It was built by Shantikar acharya to eliminated problems related to the air element.

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