Agam house

The Agam house is also known as Aagan Chhen in the local language which is a secret ritual house. It is a shelter house for the Buddhacharya priests. In this place only the Buddhacharya family has access.

Agam house
Agam house

World Peace Pond

On the western side, there is a small pond “World Peace Pond” where you’ll find a statue of Buddha in the middle of the pond. People try flipping the coin into the cauldron.

Different types of stupas

  • The classic white-domed stupa like Swayambhunath.
  • A combination of the dome and shikhar type can be seen inside courtyards.
  • Small votive stupa made of stone known as chaitya or chibha.

Manjushree chaitya

Manjushree chaitya is also worshipped as Goddess Saraswati, this is the reason why this place is also popular as “Saraswati sthan”. After returning Manjushchi from this place his disciple made it as written in Keshar Library’s Banshawali. There is no idol of Manjushri.

Pancha Buddha Bahan

Vehicles of the Pancha Buddha Lion, Akshobhya’s elephant, Ratnasambhav’s horse, Amitabh’s peacock and Garudh statue can be seen on the right and left side of the stairs.

Swayambhu Buddhist Museum

It is a small museum where you can find many rare Buddhist statues. You can also see the statue of a Sleeping Buddha. There are no fees for visiting this museum.